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Eye of the Storm | Lake Mungo

I recently returned from an almost 5000km road trip through western Queensland, western NSW and almost to the Victorian border and then back up the coast. Here’s an image from western NSW as a storm cell is about to move through, we were lashed with crazy winds and sand blasting at us. Many more images to come.

Eye of the Storm


Point Arkright Storm

Here’s an image I captured a little while back from point Arkright on the Sunshine Coast. Check out my website and my facebook page for more new images.


Storm Over Sea

Here’s a new image from a month or so ago, I was lucky enough to be able to get in front of this impressive storm front looking back towards Brisbane from Woody Point.  Check out my website and my facebook page for more new images.


Hasting’s Point Storm

I was on the road just north Byron Bay a couple of days ago, I watched storm clouds building and decided to stop in at Hastings Point to capture the front as it came over. Check out my website and my facebook page for more new images.

Camera- Nikon d800e

Lens- Nikkor 45mm 2.8 Pc-e

12 image stitch



Afternoon Storm

I captured this image Wednesday last week North of Brisbane, I only managed to capture a few frames before it broke up.


Last week I did a pop up gallery at one of Brisbane’s newest riverside office towers. This is new ground for me, I’m used to having my own gallery and attending art fairs and markets but setting up for a short period with massive amounts of traffic was a great experience.

Brisbane City Jacaranda

With winter on it’s way out, I thought I would post this image of Brisbane City in Jacaranda Season from late last year.

Karri Valley Reflection

We spent a couple of days around the Karri Valley, Pemberton. This image was taken after sunset, looking across the lake.

Morning Glow

I headed out for sunrise on Thursday, I drove for over an hour in the pouring rain to Point Arkwright near Coolum hoping for a break in the weather right on sunrise. I stood in the rain for about 30 minutes waiting, the sun broke through for about 2 minutes. It was still raining while this was happening so in between wiping the lens off I managed to get 2 useable frames that didn’t have water on lens.

Shorncliffe Pier

The Shorncliffe Pier has recently been closed off by the Brisbane City Council due to safety concerns. This is impacting significantly on community events, local businesses through loss of trade, and our enjoyment of the Shorncliffe beachfront. Please show your support by signing the online petition to SAVE THE SHORNCLIFFE PIER HERE. This is an image I took at the Shorncliffe Pier on Monday night.