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For Sale Fuji G617

My Dad Seb has his Fuji G617 panoramic film camera with a 105mm f8 lens for sale, if your looking to get into the world of panoramic film photography this is the camera for you. It’s in amazing condition, you won’t find one better. Comes with original G617 carry case etc. Give Seb Messina a call on 0407 678 520 or email him for pricing etc.


Ben Messina Large Canvas Prints

I thought I would show some of the custom work that we do. These 4 canvas panoramas each measure  175cm x 70cm, they have been cropped into a chunky format to fit exactly into recesses that our customer supplied the dimensions of and were printed and stretched by us in house. The images are from the left Rainforest Arch(Fuji GX 6×17), Boulders Beach(Fuji GX6x17), Queen Mary Falls(Fuji GX 6×17) and Palm Cove(5d M2 Stitched Image). I’ll post some images of these installed in our customer’s house at a later date.