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Black and White Reflections

This is a five image stitch I took the other evening with the D800E and the 50mm 1.4 lens, it ended up just over 9000px wide on the long side.


Coastal Tree’s with the Nikon D800E

Here’s another image I captured with the D800E this time a single frame, I’m loving the resolution and DR of this camera.


Sunset Reflection with the Nikon D800E

I picked up my Nikon D800E the other day, what a great camera! It’s made for landscape photography. I was only able to get my hands on a 50mm 1.4 lens so that’s a I’ve been using so far, more lenses are on the way. Anyway here’s an image I captured last night, it’s a 3 image stitch that ended up just over 14000px wide. You can definitely see the difference in print with no AA filter and 36.6mp, the micro detail is fantastic.

Burst of Light

The last burst of light for the day hits this stand of coastal mangrove tree’s just before sunset.



Evening Tide

A new spot I found recently north of Brisbane, lots of interesting rock formations to shoot.

Edge of Sea

This image is from one of my favorite spots to shoot a the moment, it’s not too far from where I’m now living. Captured with my favorite lens at the moment the crazy sharp 24mm TSE II,  3 image stitch using the shift function and the Canon 5d mk2.

Back Online

I’ve had no internet for the last week or so as we’ve moved closer to our business towards the Sunshine Coast, Qld. It’s been a great change of lifestyle living on the coast, lot’s more time to shoot photo’s:) I captured this image the other evening, out towards Bribie Island.