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Outback Sunrise

I captured this one on a recent trip through western QLD and NSW with Tony Middleton. After a day and night chasing storms we ended up in a two horse town with no fuel, no food and no option but to pull up beside a river and wait for the local servo to open the next morning. Once we fueled up I was able to grab this shot for Sunrise.


Cradle Mountain Reflection

Another from Cradle Mountain, I gave the startrails a go as well, but after about an hour the clouds rolled in.

Freycinet Blue

Here’s another one from Tasmania, this jetty is part of the Freycinet Lodge. Captured well before sunrise. Stitched using a 5D mk2 I also shot it with my 6×17 film camera a touch later in the morning which you can see here.

Starry Night

I captured this one one a trip through the Flinders Ranges earlier this year with good mates Tony Middleton and my dad Seb Messina.

Moods of Cradle Mountain

I captured this one on my first trip to Tassie earlier in the year, always great to see snow on the ground in summer.

Evening Light

I thought I would post some of my favorite images to start of with. This image is from outback NSW it’s captured around 9:30pm, I used a 5 million candle power flashlight to illuminate the tree’s.